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We offer the following scion wood for grafting purposes. You will need to have your own rootstock to graft onto. The scion wood is sold in minimum quantities of 20 pieces. Cost of each scion piece is $6, expcept where noted otherwise. You need to purchase at least 2 pieces of each cultivar you select. So total purchase needs to be a minimum of $120 not including shipping and handling. Please email us for more informationa and to arrange shipment.

Avocado: Choquette, Green Gold, Kahaluu, Linda, Mexicola, Monroe, Murashige, Ota, Pura Vida, San Miguel, Semil 34, Sharwil, Yamagata, Chucte or Coyo (Persea schiedeana) All are $6 each, except for Chucte, which is $10 each and Pura Vida which are $12 each..

Green sapote: Makawao

Inga: cinnamomea, edulis, fastuosa, feuillei, gauchadii, spectabilis, vulpina

Jackfruit: Black Gold, Golden Nugget, Dang Rasimi

Longan: Diamond River, Biew Kiew, Sri chompoo, Illiau, Kohala, Bai Dum

Loquat: Golden Glow, Wolffe

Lychee: Kwai mi pink (also called Bosworth 3), Kaimana, Salathiel, Wai Chee, Groff, Kwai Mi, Emperor, Bengal, Ohia, Yellow Red, Hanging Green (Kwa Luk), No Mai Tze, Amboina, Sweetheart

Mamey sapote: Pantin

Mango: Ah Ping, Alampur Banadesh, Amrapali, Brahm Kai Mea, Brook's Late, Cac, Carabao, Carrie, Chokanon, Cushman, Edward, Excel, Fairchild, Florigon, Fukuda, Golden Glow, Gouveia,Harders, Harumanis, Ice Cream, Jakarta, Julie, Keitt, Kensington Pride, Kent, Kook Lom Krong, Kurashige, Lancetilla, Mallika, Manzanilla, Nam Doc Mai, Mapulehu, Momi-K, Neelam, Okrung, Pim Sane Mun, Pope, Po Pyu Kalay, Pram Kai Mea, Rapoza, Smith, Torbet, White Pirie, Zill Late,

Available in limited numbers: Alphonso, Bailey's Marvel, Coconut Cream, Glenn, Ivory, Maha Chinook, Valencia Pride, Gary, Galaxy, Madame Francis, Spirit of 76.

Mango relatives: Kasturi (Mangifera kasturi), Kuini (Mangifera odorata)

Maprang (Bouea macrophylla): Kai, Mayong Chid

Sapodilla: Sao Manila, Krasuey, Makok

Miscellaneous Others: Cambuca(Plinia edulis) , Duku Langsat, Longkong, Mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana), Bolivian Mangosteen (Achachairu), Button Mangosteen (Garcinia prainiana_ have both male and female, Rainforest Plum (Eugenia candolleana), Yellow Jaboticaba (Myrtaceae glazioviana), Engkala (Litsea garciae), Ma'afala breadfruit.






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